Published on November 08, 2019

kids washing hands

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Your body’s immune system is a grouping of structures and processes in the body that protect you against disease and other dangerous items that could enter the body. Taking proper precautions to keep your immune system healthy can help prevent you and your family from getting sick.


  • Basic Hygiene
    • Wash your hands with soap and water before eating and after using the restroom
    • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, not your hand
    • Thoroughly clean all cuts before bandaging with either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Vaccinations
    • Stay up to date with your vaccinations
    • If travelling, make sure that you have the vaccinations necessary to go to that location
  • Safe Food Preparation
    • Wash your hands before and after handling raw meats
    • Rinse all meats, vegetables, and fruits in water before cooking or eating them
    • Never use the same utensils used to prepare raw meat after the meat has been cooked
    • Fully cook foods to their intended temperature
  • Clean Water
    • If you feel an area you are in does not have clean water, drink only bottled drinks or boil your water before use
    • Do not drink lake or stream water that has not been treated


  • Wash hand thoroughly and often
  • Wear protective equipment when dealing with blood or bodily fluids
  • Get and stay up to date with all vaccinations unless your doctor instructs you otherwise.
  • Prepare foods with care, making sure to clean and fully cook all raw meats.


Sources: Harvard Medical School. The Health Tip of the Week is for educational purposes only. For additional information, consult your physician. Please feel free to copy and distribute this health resource.

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