Published on December 10, 2021

holiday lights

Let there be (Holiday) Lights!

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed how the holiday season is also a season of light. And it’s true – have you been noticing all the holiday lights in our neighborhoods and communities? I have – and I love ’em! The holiday lights are one of my favorite aspects of the holidays – from the most expansive, sparkling, flashing, spinning, colorful, surprising displays all the way down to one lone candle filling a room with warmth. I love them all.

No matter the size, the many lights are each a source of joy and hope and holiday cheer. At the time of year when the days are the shortest and the nights of darkness are the longest, let there be these wonderful lights! Lights from every corner, lights in unexpected places.

As written in Psalm 97:11, “Light is spread like seed for those who are right and good, and joy for the pure in heart.” So one way of looking at all those lights could be the idea that God is coming with the light of His love into the lives who seek to do right by others. And if the pure in heart are those who hold on to hope despite the darkness, then joy is the promised light to brighten and guide their paths.

At Adventist HealthCare, we cherish and bask in God’s light in our lives – and also embrace the opportunity to be a channel for the light of God to those we serve. We are called not only to SEE the light, but to EXTEND the light. This is our Mission. We are called to extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. No wonder we celebrate!

As we journey through this holiday season, may we be faithful to this idea of “spreading light.” May our hope be affirmed, may our faith be strengthened, and may our spirits be lifted. Before God’s love and care, darkness flees. May the lights that shine the brightest be those aflame with God’s love.

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