Published on June 24, 2022

Little girl in field

Look with Wonder!

If you hand a child a magnifying glass, they seem to know exactly what to do with it. It takes no time at all before they are looking at everything they can think of through the lens: their fingers, the cat’s ear, a leaf, their lunch plate, something they drew earlier—they are enthusiastic explorers.

If you hand me a magnifying glass, I might subdue the impulse to immediately start examining everything, but I will be reminded of that drive to look around me intentionally and the resulting sense of wonder.

In Psalm 26:3, there is a wonderful statement of recognition that the world is a place that is teeming with God’s care, “Your unfailing love is always before me; I have journeyed down Your path of truth” (The Voice Bible). Every day, every moment, in every place and every situation, God’s love is ever around us. We are privileged to live—to walk—in the truth of God’s grace.

Traditionally, Biblical scholars recognize David—ancient, renowned king of Israel—as the author of this psalm, placing it during the time before he was king when he was being pursued without mercy by an enemy. Even in the most extreme circumstances, David manages to find evidence of God’s “unfailing love!” Perhaps this helps explain why David becomes a leader of many people: his capacity to see God’s grace, care, and love that is always present around us, even when the situation seems grim and dark.

So how can we look around with the same enthusiasm and clarity that a magnifying glass inspires? How can we look for evidence of God’s love all around us even during challenging times?

Perhaps our Adventist HealthCare Mission and Vision can help serve as a lens to help us look for and realize God’s grace. Because to better participate in extending God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental, and spiritual healing we must become aware of all the ways in which “unfailing love” is expressed in our world—and into the lives of our patients and their families—each day. Then we can look with wonder and join together with other skilled hands and minds engaged with competence and compassion, and be touched by the empowering presence of God being “always before” us.

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