Published on April 10, 2020


Loss and Life Amid the Crisis

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis for our nation and our world, both Jewish and Christian believers are observing important religious commemorations this week that affirm and anchor our daily lives.

As part of Holy Week, Christians are remembering the Passion of Christ and the story of His arrest, crucifixion, and ultimate resurrection on Easter Sunday. These are the events that stand at the very center of the Christian faith.

The celebration of Passover by Jewish believers is the commemoration of the Exodus and liberation of the Israelite people from enslavement in a faraway country and their struggle to return to the land of their roots.

These deeply significant and important events come as we find ourselves in circumstances that are simultaneously about loss and about life. Even as the number of people impacted by the coronavirus climbs into the thousands in our area and the death toll rises, we can take solace in those who are recovering and in the progress of the efforts to keep our communities safe.

As we mourn our losses—and under no circumstances should we diminish or minimize their impact and significance—there are ways in which we may affirm life, sustain hope, express joy at recovery and new life, and believe in a vibrant future.

For all of us, regardless of faith, spiritual tradition, or life philosophy, this will likely be a week that is intensely altered by loss (as many of those we love are impacted by COVID-19) and also life (as we slowly begin to see signs of  survival and recovery from the impact of the coronavirus). However we choose to reflect on the world around us,  this is a week that gives each of us much to think about.

In my own life, Easter is a mountain of hope. In the midst of  loss, the message of Easter is that we are restored to a relationship with the God through His grace.  On Easter we celebrate the end of isolation and of being alone.

It was Mother Teresa who said, “Never let anything so fill you with sorrow as to make you forget the joy of Christ risen.” This is my fervent prayer: that this terrible pandemic will soon pass, that our lives and the lives of those we love will be spared, and that we will remember during these extraordinary days the joy of salvation and God’s amazing grace.

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