Maintaining a Healthy Weight with CoreLife

Published on October 13, 2020

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight with CoreLife

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your health. Adventist HealthCare has partnered with CoreLife, a comprehensive medical practice that assists patients who are faced with the health challenges and conditions associated with obesity.

Avni Jain, MD, family medicine physician with Adventist Medical Group and medical director at CoreLife, discusses how CoreLife can help start and maintain a routine for a healthy lifestyle.

How can I maintain a healthy weight?

Dr. Jain: Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult, but with a strong support system encouraging you, you can be successful. For many, getting into a good routine, knowing what foods to eat and being consistent and motivated can be hard. While people know a healthy weight is good for them, it can be hard to know where to begin to get there. Key principles to maintaining a healthy weight are eating a balanced diet, being physically active and building healthy habits. CoreLife helps you to get on track with your relationship with food, engaging in exercise and changing your lifestyle.

What is CoreLife?

Dr. Jain: CoreLife is a nationally recognized healthcare company that partners with local medical providers, communities and health systems to treat patients struggling with the challenges and conditions associated with obesity. Anyone who comes to CoreLife will have the assistance of a team of professionals to encourage and empower them to improve and sustain their health. CoreLife is a healthcare model based on personal experience, community, health improvement and sustainability.

How does the program work?

Dr. Jain: CoreLife focuses on four key principles, medical, nutrition, exercise and behavior. Each of these principles aim to help people make the lifestyle change to be healthier.

  • Medical – Our licensed medical staff will develop a plan, addressing problems and challenges you may be experiencing that could be impacting your health.
  • Nutrition – Our Registered Dietitians provide the necessary skills, resources and education to help you build a positive relationship with food that supports your health goals. With our guidance, you will learn to navigate real life (or daily) challenges, plan healthy meals and build habits for long lasting change.
  • Exercise – Our on-site exercise facility provides a private and convenient area for you to work with our certified exercise specialist under the oversight of our medical providers. Together, through our “Exercise is Medicine” approach you will create a healthy relationship with activity.
  • Behavior – Our team will help you take charge by forming new habits and behaviors for long term change and optimal health.

The first visit starts with an assessment by a nurse practitioner (NP) trained to identify medical conditions, medications, family history and eating patterns that might impact a patient’s ability to lose weight successfully. Screenings are done for sleep apnea, depression and hypothyroidism, common conditions that contribute to weight gain. Patients talk about what has – and hasn’t – helped them manage their health in the past, and their goals and motivation for weight loss. The NP takes time at this appointment to really get to know the patient and develop a comprehensive personalized care plan.

When the patient returns the following week, after a follow-up visit with the NP, they meet with the registered dietitian (RD). Considering the patient’s RMR, lab results, medical conditions and physician orders, the RD works with the patient to tailor a nutrition plan that fits the patient’s lifestyle, budget, activity levels, preferences and goals.

These two providers, the same NP and RD, make up the “care team” who see the patient each visit to celebrate successes, adjust plans as needed and communicate progress or concerns to the referring physician every step of the way.

Patients complete a free movement consultation with the medical exercise specialist within the first three weeks. The in-house fitness facilities are equipped with cardio equipment, free weights and resistance machines. The facilities are dedicated solely for CoreLife patients to exercise in a private, caring and goal-focused environment.

How can I join CoreLife?

Dr. Jain: Talk with your doctor if you are interested in taking part in CoreLife, they can refer you to an office near you. You can also visit their website to schedule an appointment. Once you fill out the online form, they will reach out to you with more information about the program, verify your insurance benefits and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

For more information please visit our website at or call us at 1-800-905-3261.

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