Meeting Our Community's Needs

Published on August 28, 2018

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Meeting Our Community's Needs

Adventist HealthCare works with community members to identify the area’s top health concerns and establish charitable programs. Here’s how.

We prioritize health concerns by:


To create a complete picture of the needs and resources in the community we serve, Adventist HealthCare conducts a health needs assessment every three years.

To complete the assessment, we collect information from local, state and national databases, survey community members, and meet with community representatives. We gather information on physical and mental health, as well as health-related social needs, such as housing and access to healthy food.


To better understand what the community’s needs are and who is most affected, we look at information over time, compare it to state and national targets and break it down by different demographic characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, gender, age and income.


Taking into account factors such as the level of each need, unjust and avoidable differences across population groups, and existing gaps and resources in the community, we select areas of focus for each three-year cycle.

For the 2017–2019 cycle, Adventist HealthCare is addressing diabetes and obesity, concussion care and behavioral health.


To address diabetes, obesity and hunger, Adventist HealthCare has partnered with organizations including Manna Food Center, CHEER, MobileMed, Primary Care Coalition and Hungry Harvest.

Adventist HealthCare and its partners have been able to offer free diabetes self-management workshops, food deliveries, and in-home diabetes and healthy living support with health coaches.

Since 2017, Adventist HealthCare and its partners have:

  • Delivered 6,210 pounds of fresh produce to community members, providing approximately 2,070 meals
  • Paired 189 individuals with a health coach to develop a tailored nutrition and healthy living plan
  • Held five healthy cooking classes and four six-week diabetes self-management workshops, with over 250 encounters


Adventist HealthCare has partnered with Montgomery County Public Schools on a concussion program for 13 county high schools. The program provides high school athletes with a baseline neurocognitive exam every two years. In the event of an injury, the baseline exam can be compared with post-injury exams. Adventist HealthCare has also provided each of the schools with an athletic trainer to educate students and families on concussions and to provide on-site injury prevention and management.

Since 2017, Adventist HealthCare has:

  • Administered 4,747 baseline exams for student athletes
  • Identified and managed 816 injuries and 131 concussions
  • Educated 110 students at concussion seminars


Adventist HealthCare has developed a community education support group on mental health and substance abuse. The group provides a safe environment where family members and caregivers can share their experiences, encourage each other and learn how to support their loved ones. Participants are also informed of community resources and how to access them for additional support.

Recently, one Rockville Behavioral Health Support Group member stated on an evaluation form that the session “was very helpful. I learned a good deal about what I might discuss with my child to help him connect with a therapist.”

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