Published on May 10, 2019

mothers day 2019

Mother's Day 2019

It starts at birth, at the moment when we are completely dependent for everything: food, shelter, warmth, attention, comfort, love. In those moments of attentiveness and care, we begin to learn what it feels like to be safe. We begin the process of communicating with one another and expressing ourselves.  The very first relationship we have is with our parents—our mothers.

As we begin to learn to trust, we discover that not everything must be greeted with a cry. We develop a sense of security. And learning how to trust starts with that first social relationship—with our mothers.

As we grow, our needs change and so does our understanding. We begin to realize that there are many situations (and people) that you can trust and count on, and there are others that you can’t. We learn best from those close to us and take our cues from the ones who demonstrate to us what dependability and trustworthiness look like. The gold standard? Our mothers.

Later in life we look back over all the experiences that we’ve had, all the people who have helped shaped us, all of the different ways we have learned to interact with people and the world around us. We reach out to one another with the skills we have learned: the ability to trust and the capacity to love. And on the second Sunday in May each year we return our attention to the ones who helped us learn those things. The ones who first sheltered and nurtured us and whose attention to our needs has never wavered: our mothers.


Delighting in the health of mothers is something we do at Adventist HealthCare every single day. To all those wonderful mothers who nurtured the children who became our amazing workforce, to the hundreds on our team who are mothers themselves, and to the mothers and children who are among our patients—Happy Mother’s Day to each of you.  We wish you all of the affection and joy that being a mother brings!

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