Published on May 07, 2021

Mother's Day 2021

Mother’s Day 2021

Sunday is Mother’s Day—a day to celebrate how our lives are shaped and nurtured by the ones who gave birth to us and care for us.

To the hundreds of women on our Adventist HealthCare team who are mothers, to all those wonderful mothers who nurtured the children who became our amazing workforce, and to the mothers (especially those with newborns!) who are among our patients—Happy Mother's Day to each of you! 

We have great affection and appreciation for you—even as we recognize the complexity of what it means to be a mother. It was last year about this time that we were discovering new ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, as so many of the traditional ways in which we celebrate the holiday were impacted by the pandemic.

Over the difficult months as the pandemic has unfolded, mothers have been confronted with situations and challenges that were nearly unimaginable. Disrupted childcare and remote schooling have dramatically affected daily routines, impacting the careers of working mothers. Mothers of adult children have been isolated from seeing their children and grandchildren—and their own aging mothers.

But there is renewed hope for Mother’s Day 2021. As the number of people who are fully vaccinated has climbed—especially among vulnerable groups—the prospect of a family celebration at Mother’s Day has come back into focus. Health protocols are increasingly allowing for small get-togethers, which are a meaningful part of our family dynamics.

Perhaps Facetime and Zoom calls have become a permanent part of how we celebrate our holidays, including Mother’s Day. Handmade cards will always rival the store-bought versions. Restaurant meals may now be a possibility, but they compete with homemade brunches that may now include some dishes that have been mastered during lockdown. Text messages that include way too many of those little emojis will most likely still be flying back and forth between our cellphones—even when we are sharing the same spaces again.

One thing is for sure, though. Nothing has diminished the wonder of a mother’s influence. For most, hers is the first face we learn to recognize and respond to, her presence the most assuring. So much of what makes up our understanding of home and security is derived one way or another from our experiences, as they say, at our mother’s knee. Not long after we begin recognizing our own names, we begin to speak hers.

Speak it again on Mother’s Day. If you are a mother—or if have been the nurturing presence, the difference maker, in the life of another person—thank you! The gifts you have given us are so many, including life itself. You give us so many reasons to be grateful. Happy Mother’s Day!

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