Published on April 01, 2022

National Doctors Day 2022

National Doctors’ Day 2022

“National Doctors’ Day,” is an opportunity to express in a more deliberate way our steadfast gratitude and appreciation to our physicians.

One of the most common medical instruments associated with doctors is the stethoscope. Although stethoscopes are widely used by many healthcare professionals, their use accompanied by the phrase “Let me listen to your heart” has practical as well as symbolic value because listening to the hearts of patients is right at the core of what our physicians do.

With or without a stethoscope, doctors are incredible listeners. They use every means they can to understand the health of their patients – and the illnesses that threaten them. They have the training and experience to assess and evaluate needs and to formulate treatment plans. They know how to ask the right questions and how to respond with the right treatment. And as a result, we trust them with our most intimate health and well-being information.

Doctors also know the necessity of listening to their teams. They know how to get things moving and how to get things done. And they know when words of encouragement and the transforming power of hope are what needs to be heard. They embody our Mission and are integral to our success.

Doctors, I hope you are listening to this message! I hope you can hear the respect and appreciation we have for your character, your professional capacity, and the commitment you make to those we serve each day. Especially during the past two years, you have brought all your attention, assessment and diagnostic skills to very difficult and changing circumstances. Your response to the pandemic has been extraordinary – and we are honored to work alongside you. On Doctors’ Day, we recognize and honor the many ways in which you make a difference in our organization and our community.

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