Published on May 13, 2019

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New Technology Aims to Lower Stress for Breast Cancer Patients

A new, innovative procedure called the SAVI SCOUT® is helping to reduce physical and emotional stress for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

“This is the newest technology when it comes to locating areas of abnormal tissue in a breast prior to surgery,” said Sonya Kella, MD, medical director of Women’s Imaging at Adventist HealthCare. “It enhances the patient experience with easier scheduling and less stress.”

The SAVI SCOUT is an alternative to the traditional wire localization methods, which must be performed on the same day as surgery.

The SAVI SCOUT uses a reflector, no larger than a grain of rice, inserted at the site of the abnormal or cancerous tissue days or weeks prior to surgery. The reflector is then located on the day of surgery, using a device similar to an ultrasound probe, leading the surgeon directly to the area of abnormal tissue. Because of this flexibility, patients can schedule the SAVI SCOUT placement procedure in an outpatient setting – the Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Breast Center.


Colette Moore, 57, of Rockville, was one of the first patients to undergo the SAVI SCOUT procedure at the Shady Grove Breast Center and Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center.

Colette couldn’t believe how simple the placement of the SAVI SCOUT was. “I didn’t feel a thing,” she said. “I came home and hosted a dinner party that same night.”

Colette had her lumpectomy two days after the SAVI SCOUT was placed. Now, after her surgery and treatment, Colette is cancer-free and feeling great.

“With this new technology, the day of surgery is now much easier for women because there is one less procedure,” said Surupa Sen Gupta, MD, with Shady Grove Medical Center and Colette’s breast surgeon. “It reduces anxiety, wait times and procedure pain.”

Through generous donations to Adventist HealthCare, we are able to provide this advanced technology to our patients that helps improve care and outcomes.

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