Published on October 01, 2021

Prayer hand lines

Partners in Prayer

Long before I knew how to catch a baseball or even tie my shoes, my parents taught me the importance and power of prayer.

They taught me to think of prayer as both a way to express my thoughts and feelings to God as well as to experience a strong sense of God’s love and presence in my life. Prayer has been a significant part of my entire life.

One of the most important prayers I say every day is for our work at Adventist HealthCare. Often my prayers include two very specific requests – and I invite you to consider including them in your prayers as well.

First, I pray that everyone who is part of our daily work will know that God loves and cares for them. My hope is that every person – patients, staff, physicians, community members, everyone – will grow in understanding of God’s grace and providence on a personal level through the many interactions and outcomes they see and participate in.

Second, I pray that every member of our team will know that we are partners with God in the work of healing and better health. We constantly affirm that our Mission is to extend God’s care – and so my hope is that just as each team member feels God’s love personally, they also understand that we are part of how God’s love is experienced by those we care for.

In a time when the complexity of caring for the health and healing of our communities has never seemed more challenging, prayer is a great source of strength. May we each find hope and solace in the infinite care of God. And may we be mindful and humbled by the myriad ways in which God’s healing love flows through our service to others.

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