Published on September 15, 2022

Resistance Training

Resistance Training

Even though the American Heart Association has promoted “resistance training” as part of a regular exercise program for more than three decades, people often are unclear as to what it is. 

Resistance training is simply exercise that is intended to increase muscular strength and endurance. It involves exercising by using some form of resistance such as weights, exercise bands or body weight. While aerobic exercise focuses on improving the body’s use of oxygen and is focused on the cardiovascular systems, resistance training focuses on strength. And there is simply no better way to strengthen a muscle than by using it.

The health benefits of resistance training are almost too numerous to list: Increased muscle tone and strength. Enhanced flexibility and balance. Improved posture, joint health and weight management. Better stamina and pain management. Increased bone density. Increased protection against chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis and obesity. Decreased risk of injury. Improved sleep habits. I could go on.

So why am I discussing resistance training? Because I’m thinking about the importance of your personal health. And thinking about how something as simple as adding resistance training to our workout routines a couple of times a week (after consulting with a physician or an exercise professional) can make a difference – in our physical health, in our mental well-being and in our ability to fulfill our shared Mission.

Accordingly, as we start to transition from summer to fall, I invite you to join with me in doing some resistance training. No resistance please: this is good training for all of us.

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