Published on October 21, 2022

Shanah Tovah

Shubh Diwali! (Happy Diwali!)

Diwali, a festival of lights, will be celebrated on Monday, Oct. 24, by the Hindu community in our area including many members of our Adventist HealthCare team. It is also an important festival for the Jain and Sikh communities.

Diwali is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness, even as the days grow shorter. Families come together in a spirit of welcome and hospitality with special traditions and foods as well as expressions of thankfulness and joy. During the celebration, participants reflect on stories in their holy texts that tell of the triumph of good over evil, hope over despair, prosperity over poverty, and especially light over darkness.

At Adventist HealthCare, we share in the vision of lighting a candle against the darkness of ignorance, prejudice and misunderstanding by drawing on the perspectives and experiences of one another as a diverse team. Light overcoming darkness is a common theme in many religions, often symbolizing hope. Hope is a bright anchor in our hearts and lives – and a cherished aspect of our life and work together.

In my own faith, I was taught that the very first words spoken by God in the Biblical account of creation were “Let there be light.” As a healthcare organization that seeks to make God’s care known and understood through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing, we can readily affirm the triumph of health and wholeness over disease and brokenness, of goodness over evil, and – especially at Diwali – of light over darkness. Shubh Diwali!

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