Published on May 20, 2022

Multi ethnic group

Standing Firm

The recent tragedies that we have witnessed in our country are truly heartbreaking. There is much to reflect on. The photos, interviews, articles and conversations combined with our own personal experiences can leave us feeling scared, angry and deeply saddened for the people, families and communities affected. We feel vulnerable ourselves, wondering if our grocery stores, places of worship, movie theaters, schools, homes and streets are safe. In moments like these, we can feel shaken to our core.

And yet, there is a realization that steadies me. For although at one level we may feel profoundly shaken and unsettled, as an Adventist HealthCare family, our core – our foundation – remains firm.

Why? Because we are rooted in faith-based values. It is no mistake that we refer to our RISES values as “core values.” And our core values are rooted in the belief that God created humankind with intrinsic value, deserving of dignity and respect. We recognize the infinite worth of each individual. Every person. No exceptions.

We have affirmed that commitment to equity by examining the times in our own past where we failed, like with Lucy Byard, and by educating staff on disrupting bias and creating policies to prevent and address discrimination.

We have affirmed that commitment to equity at key times, such as in the wake of George Floyd’s death two years ago, by pledging to speak out directly against racism and discrimination.

And we affirm that commitment to equity today and every day when we strive to follow Jesus’ model in offering hope and healing to all people.

My heart is grateful for each and every act of service that we do here at Adventist HealthCare to serve our community. Whether you are taking a temperature, emptying a trash can, analyzing a report or answering a question, you are refuting the hatred that led to the tragic deaths in Buffalo, Laguna Woods and so many other places scarred by violence.

Thank you for being part of our Adventist HealthCare Mission to extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Together, we stand firm on our values that guide us in respectfully serving the members of our diverse community with compassionate care.

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