Staying Active and Healthy in Quarantine

Published on April 10, 2020

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While you’re at home practicing social distancing, you may be feeling stressed, anxious, lonely and many other emotions as a result of the impact COVID-19 is having on our lives. This could cause you to put aside healthy behaviors such as exercise, healthy diet and sleep.

Staying Active and Healthy in Quarantine

“These behaviors will help to keep your mind sharp, ensure a healthy weight, lower stress levels, increase your immunity and make staying home a little easier,” says Amra Nasir, MD, medical director at Adventist HealthCare Urgent Care. Here are some easy and fun ways to keep active and healthy inside and outside your home.

Utilize free virtual workouts

Take advantage of the various athletic companies that are offering free workouts on their websites and apps during this time. You’ll be able to workout at home with minimal equipment as many of the workouts offered only use your body weight.

Take short, active breaks

In the middle of your work day, get up from your work area and move. Walk around your house, run up the stairs, do jumping jacks or dance around your house. At home, you don’t move as much throughout the day as you typically would if you were in the office. “Taking a five to ten -minute active break, several times a day can give you the energy you need to power through your work day,” says Dr. Nasir.

Go for a walk

Get outside and practice social distancing by going for a walk. Fresh air and sun will help you to refocus on your work and family. Dr. Nasir explains, “fresh air and sunshine have various benefits for your mental and physical health. Even going outside for a change of scenery can be a mood booster.”

Stand up and stretch

Throughout the day, get up and stretch to get the blood flowing through your body. Stretching can help you to feel refreshed throughout the day and keep your body from getting stiff from sitting all day. Stretching for 30 seconds each time you stand up can keep your body from being sore.

Make it a family affair

Get the whole family moving! Go for a walk, play basketball, soccer or wiffleball, do an activity that includes the whole family. While you might be struggling being around everyone in your home 24/7, a change of scenery and activity can boost the mood of everyone in the house.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet, that also includes getting plenty of water, is important in staying healthy. A healthy diet can help boost your immune system, mood and your overall health. While comfort food is okay occasionally, “if you indulge on junk food while at home, you won’t feel your best, and you may struggle mentally,” says Dr. Nasir.

Get some sleep

Keeping a consistent sleeping schedule is important in keeping yourself well rested and motivated to take on the day. Although you might be working from home, staying up late can hinder your performance and ability to do your best work. Continue your normal weeknight and morning routine so you will be well prepared for the work day.

Staying inside all day can cause cabin fever but focusing on ways to stay healthy and taking care of yourself and family can make it easier. If you haven’t already, set some easy health goals to help you to stay active and healthy. It’s important to not feel like you have to do everything, even small steps can make a difference in your overall health.

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