Published on January 31, 2020

super bowl

Super Bowl 2020: Believe and Play

Super Bowl LIV will come roaring onto our screens on Sunday—with something in it to entertain everybody. For some it is the culmination of the football season that they have been following faithfully for months. For some it is the opportunity to get together with friends and family and have a party. For some it is the distinctive snacks that are created and consumed.

I know folks who don’t follow football at all, but they tune in to the game once a year just to see the commercials. (They are generally disappointed…) There are others who really truly just want to see the halftime show—and who will be glad to share their opinions about it with you on Monday morning!

Sandwiched in between all of this will be the media reports, and sooner or later someone will interview one of the key players, and they will ask how their team plans to win. Invariably, the answer will include a phrase that goes something like this, “We just have to believe in each other as a team and play our game.” And I buy it every time, because I know it’s true.

You don’t get to the Super Bowl by yourself. You get there through being part of a team that has learned to work together. Your losses are almost always a result of when you didn’t work together as a team. And your wins come in those games where you execute things perfectly—when every player on the field is fulfilling their role with precision, persistence, and perfection.

Teams that succeed have confidence in the unique set of talents, skills, protocols, practices, strategies, tools, processes, and workflow that they bring together into their game plan. It’s the way that THEY play the game. Combined with the confidence they have in each other, they become winners and champions. Does it sound simple? It’s not. It’s hard. But it’s worth it.

Many people will help create a successful Super Bowl LIV: all the athletes and personnel on the professional football teams, all the artists and technicians who create the halftime show and the event itself,  all the writers and actors and professionals who create the commercials we critique so closely, all the people who work in the news media. These people know how to bring their best game to every situation, every game, all season long. Their teams don’t just come together for the Super Bowl. For them, it’s always game day. It always takes the right people and the right plan to achieve the goals and get a win. We will see it happen again on Sunday. And it should be amazing.

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