Published on October 22, 2021

boy helping other off ground

Tell the Righteous

You can see it occasionally in parking lots. Two cars approach an empty spot, and the driver who may have had the earlier claim on the empty space that was spied by both, waves the other driver ahead. You may have seen it when a person is struggling to carry something heavy to their car – and seemingly out of nowhere someone emerges and offers to help. Or maybe you’ve seen it when someone holds the elevator door and asks, “Going up?”

Maybe you have gotten an email alerting you to the illness of a friend, or a change in someone’s situation, or even just to say hello. Or perhaps you’ve seen someone stop someone else from telling a sexist or racist story in a group, or who simply refuses to engage in a conversation that is mean-spirited or petty. You can see it in shoveled driveways, roadways that are litter free, remembered birthdays, verbal affirmations and courteous driving practices even after a long day.

Regardless of the form it takes, you know it when you see it. Call it going the extra mile or doing the right thing or just being good for goodness sake. And regardless of what you might call it, there is a message expressed perfectly in a verse found in the book of Isaiah for the people who do things like this that I wish I could make sure they hear: “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.” (Isaiah 3:10, NIV) 

A more modern expression would be “what goes around comes around,” but fulfilled in the best possible way. Similarly, that “what you sow, so shall you reap,” but in with the greatest grace and beauty. In times that are harsh and difficult, this is the message that bears repeating: taking care of each other is what matters the most. This is what we need to tell the righteous, that their actions shape and enrich our shared future.

I know that throughout Adventist HealthCare, there are examples of righteous individuals actively choosing to treat others with respect and compassion – even amid very challenging situations. I’ve seen it myself and I’ve read the grateful letters our patients send. I’ve seen it in the way a nurse cleans a wound, a therapist applauds a milestone, or a team member replies to an email promptly. I hope you hear my affirmation that the goodness you are unleashing on the world will benefit you as well. Your righteous efforts create the “right” environment – for our patients, for each other and for ourselves – to find hope, healing and total well-being.

Thank you for affirming others yourself and showing our faith in the idea that good is never lost and in the knowledge that doing the right thing always makes a permanent difference. Truly, the way we survive and thrive is by caring for each other in as many ways as we can imagine – and may we “tell” the righteous the affirmation they deserve with our responding actions every day.

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