Published on June 04, 2021


Terry’s ABCs for New Grads and New Hires

There is something special about the graduation season, when so many people (and families) are celebrating a lifegoal achievement at the same time. Our family has a graduate this spring, and a very proud dad has been thinking a lot about milestones.

One of the best parts of graduation season is that here at Adventist HealthCare we are welcoming a whole bunch of new colleagues as employees. I understand that we will have 190 new graduates joining us this summer! Welcome! My most sincere hope is that AHC will be a great place for you to pursue your careers and begin your work.

I may not get a better opportunity, so I’ve packaged up some ideas for  new graduates—and especially new members of our AHC team—in the form of “Terry’s ABCs for Grads and Hires.” So without further ado, here we go.

A is for Amazement. I hope you find something each day that astounds and astonishes you. B is for Believe—as in be true to yourself and your ideas. C is for community, the one that you are now a part of and that we create together, and the ones we are privileged to serve. D is for Destiny—which we embrace each day as being guided by Divine providence. And E is for Excellence, which at Adventist HealthCare we define as doing our best every day to exceed expectations.

F is for Focus—and being able to zero in on what really matters. G is for Gratitude, because nothing is more transformative more quickly than gratitude, and thankfulness is a way of life. H is for Health—for those we serve, the people you work alongside each day, and your own health (see Focus). I is for Integrity, which at AHC means that we are conscientious and trustworthy in everything we do. And J is for Joy, which this entire paragraph helps nurture each day.

K is for Kindness, which I have found to be vital in every relationship, in every interaction, and in every aspect of life. L is for Love, which can mean so many things and, yes, all of them are important. M is for Mission. For AHC that means to extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. N is for Newness, which is the willingness to expect and welcome the surprises life hands to you. And O is for Opportunity, which is the door that Newness pushes open if you are paying attention.

P is for People, first and foremost; I could have said Patients, but it would still come back around to People. Q is for Quality. Each time we interact with a patient, family member, or friend, we aim to provide the highest quality care to ensure healing for the whole person in body, mind, and spirit. R is for Respect—what every person deserves and receives, and what you deserve as well. S is for Service. Our mission to serve people with a sense of unity and oneness is reinforced by our commitment to Care, Compassion, and Community. And T is for Time; different for each person, it’s what we share, what we have to work with—and being respectful of it is a key to our success.

U is for Unknown, because there is so much for us to learn each day. V is for Vision: we will provide a world-class patient experience to every person, every time. W is for Welcome. We are so glad to have you joined us! X is for Expression: we can hardly wait to see what you’ve brought with you! Y is for Yes, as in “Yes, you’re going to love it here.”

Z is for Zoom because, after the last year, Z will always be for Zoom, which is shorthand for using every means to communicate and share all the things we are going to discover and experience together.

So, there you are. There won’t be a quiz; you’ve graduated from all that. But I’ll see you at work!

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