Published on December 11, 2020


The Light of God’s Care

The Bible records the first words of God to be spoken in the creation of the world as “Let there be light!”

Amongst the holiday lights that can now be seen twinkling just about everywhere you look, the distinctive pale blue lights of Hanukkah can readily be found. And beginning last night, a special menorah has begun appearing in the windows of homes of Jewish families.

They will be lighting one new candle each evening for the eight nights of the celebration of Hanukkah. It is the celebration of the ancient miracle of a one-day supply of oil that lasted for eight days and lighted the Temple. Hanukkah is a symbol of how God helped the Jewish people survive amid the struggle against deadly persecution, and how they struggled for their freedom.

This year, celebrating the light of divine providence and the triumph of the human spirit over diversity is something that all of us can affirm. In Psalm 36:9 it says, "For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light” (NIV).

In a time when so many things have seemed dark and beyond our understanding, I know that I am not alone in looking to God for answers—for light. I have found my faith to be so  sustaining and real this year, through so many unexpected and difficult circumstances.  Rabbi David Wolpe writes, “We light a candle, set the table, say our prayers and declare the miracles—of our tradition, our freedom and our future. We rededicate ourselves to live so that we might be worthy of the greatness bequeathed to us, and merit the joy of handing it on to generations.”

Blessings to you during this wonderful time of celebration. In “declaring the miracle” of God’s care, may our spirits be lifted, our faith be strengthened, and our hopes for the future be affirmed.

Hannukah Sameach!

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