Through the Ministry...

Published on March 27, 2020


Through the Ministry...

Coronavirus is altering the landscape of human interaction. As terms like social distancing and shelter in place have become commonplace, some of our core understandings of how we relate to one another are being challenged and changed. 

First our handshakes became fist bumps, and then we kept carefully monitored physical distance, and then we turned to zoom meetings. Video messaging has moved to the mainstream. “Have a good day” has been replaced by “Stay safe.”

And through it all I have witnessed our teams demonstrate incredible courage and strength in the face of difficulty and uncertainty. I have observed as our clinicians and staff respond with grace and compassion in everything they do.

How are they doing this? Well, the words of our mission statement read: “We extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing.” What I’ve been blessed to observe is how our teams are making the words “through the ministry” meaningful. Through kindness, sympathy, compassion, and service. Through coordinated efforts, support for one another, innovation, and cooperation. Through self-sacrifice, courage, and determination. Through humility. Through creativity.

With love.

These are the ways we get through dark and difficult times such as these. As I think about the challenges we are facing, and how our team has confronted them together, I submit that these are exactly the right words to describe our people.

Thank you. Because of you, I am encouraged and hopeful that we can find our way through these times when our ministry is needed most.

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