Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Published on February 10, 2020

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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Getting to a healthy weight is not always easy, neither is maintaining it. However, these tips can make it easier. Whether you worked hard to lose weight, or you just want to stay at the current weight you are, Mitra Hashemi, MD, an internal medicine physician with Adventist Medical Group, shares tips to help you maintain a healthy weight.


healthy eating plan can go a long way. Eating fewer calories, and healthier foods are two ways that can help someone keep off weight. Even substituting ground turkey for ground beef can be an easy way to eat healthy. Talk with your doctor about an eating plan that’s right for you. Watching your portion sizes is another way to help maintain or lose weight. An easy way to understand how much of something you should eat at one time is by equating it to the size of your palm, hand or fist.

  • Cereals/grains – full hand
  • Granola – center of palm
  • Nuts/dried fruit – center of palm
  • Fresh fruit – size of your fist
  • Leafy greens – two hands
  • Non-starchy vegetables – full hand
  • Starchy vegetables – full hand
  • Meat, poultry and fish – full palm of hand
  • Cheese – index finger
  • Milk – fist


Breakfast is one of the easiest ways to help keep you from over-eating. Eating breakfast helps to keep your hunger at bay allowing you to eat the right portion sizes for each meal. “Don’t indulge at breakfast but eat something with protein to keep your hunger in control until lunch time,” explains Dr. Hashemi. Eating breakfast is an important part of your diet, but for certain health conditions, your doctor may recommend a different meal schedule for you to maintain a healthy weight.


Staying on a consistent routine for your meals and snacks will help you to continue eating healthy. Planning for vacations and special occasions can help you know where to find these healthy foods or you have them ready on hand. Plus, then you’ll know to save the special treat for the special occasion and you won’t feel guilty for indulging.


Engaging in moderate physical activity each day for at least 30 minutes keeps your body moving and help maintain your weight. “It doesn’t have to be a consistent 30 minutes either,” says Dr. Hashemi. “Break up your exercise throughout the day and you will be able to easily reach 30 minutes of exercise if not more.” You should be aiming for at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week.


Look to close friends and family to support you in your goals. Without the support of others, it can be hard to keep wanting to push forward and getting to your goal. Find people to support you or take the journey with you. Not only will it benefit you physically, but also emotionally.

Talk with your doctor about what the right weight is for you. Losing weight or maintaining your current weight can be hard to get started but “Once you have gotten into a routine, you’ll start to see that it becomes second nature and you’ll choose the healthy options without even thinking about it,” says Dr. Hashemi. Think of it as a lifestyle change to improve your overall health and not a number on a scale.

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