Published on August 30, 2019

White Oak Medical Center Sunrise

We Did It!

Our Adventist HealthCare family really came through on Sunday, when we moved all of our patients from Washington Adventist Hospital to White Oak Medical Center. Even though we have been anticipating, planning, and preparing for this day for a long time, it was still amazing to see all the plans and systems come together so effectively. From the very start it was an amazing day, demonstrating coordination and teamwork by so many people.

It became clear immediately that two years of careful planning really paid off. Hundreds of WAH team members assisted in the huge logistical task, as every single department completed their move. This included both the move to WOMC as well as the move out of WAH, and there was a thorough cleaning out of desks, closets, and supplies, as well as the transfer of equipment.

Great care was given to carefully communicating with family members of our patients. Local police and EMS teams coordinated with our staff for the safe transportation of patients.

Special attention was given to the many media outlets that showed interest in the story of the new hospital and our move. Computers and office equipment had to be moved. Safeguarding and moving records and files required special care. Even the gift shop was moved with attention to detail.

Team members from across our entire system helped out by volunteering to serve food, direct traffic, provide directions, etc. I was impressed with how the NICU nurses from Shady Grove Medical Center provided extra care and support for moving any newborns and babies.

It was wonderful to see our staff greeting and welcoming the very first patients to the new hospital. So many people made those first moments of patient care possible, and I apologize if I don’t mention your team or role. There were just so many examples of skillful work and great care—illustrations of what a great team can do together!

This is Labor Day weekend. One thing we all know in healthcare is that while Labor Day is a holiday about work, it does not necessarily mean a holiday from work. Many of our Adventist HealthCare team are busy about their jobs this weekend, making sure that our patients and their families are well cared for. It is the first full weekend of care in our new hospital!

If you are one of those working on the holiday—thank you. I am grateful for your willingness to take on a bit more than your share to give other members of our staff a long holiday weekend.

This Labor Day I will be thinking about what happened on Sunday. Committed people working together are at the heart of how we fulfill our mission.  Teams coming together with skill and experience and passion: that is one of the highest expressions of how labor creates value for those we serve.

We did it! And by God’s grace, we will continue to bring the same wonderful, inspiring, and excellent care to our shared task of extending God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental, and spiritual healing for many, many years to come.

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