Published on October 28, 2022

Shanah Tovah

World Series 2022

The 2022 World Series kicks off today with the Houston Astros hosting the Philadelphia Phillies in the biggest event of the year for professional baseball and its legions of fans. It is the championship series of Major League Baseball in the United States and Canada played by teams from the American League and the National League.

I’ve been following and watching the World Series every year since I was a kid, and I always look forward to it. Watching the extraordinary athletic skill of great pitchers, powerful hitters and intrepid fielders is always inspiring. In baseball, every single pitch can lead to a major play and a potential change in the outcome of the game. There is no sure thing for the team at bat, and there is uncertainty every time the ball is hit for the team that is fielding.  

As a result, one of the things that I have come to appreciate the most is not the performance of the individual players but the stellar results that emerge from the play of the whole team – every single player. Great teams persevere through difficult innings, long games and against tough opponents. They embody excellence. The team that takes home the Commissioner’s Trophy will not be a team that coasted through on mediocre play and a few standout moments but a team where each player knew they directly impacted results.  

At Adventist HealthCare, we understand that importance of working together. Our organization is made up of committed teams of people who bring skill, experience and passion to their work each day – and who know what it means to persevere in difficult circumstances. Our pursuit of our shared Mission calls us to empower healthier lives for our patients and community. Our work makes a real difference in the lives of so many people, in so many ways.  

Although I’ve enjoyed watching baseball over the years, I enjoy even more seeing the great work you help accomplish every day. I feel fortunate and blessed to be a part of the ministry of Adventist HealthCare. Each of you enables us to better fulfill our Mission and I’m so proud of the ways our whole team works together so diligently to promote health and healing for those we serve.  

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