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Employee Wellness Program

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Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies’ Employee Wellness Program is focused on delivering a continuum of excellent wellness programs customized to meet the unique needs of each employer group. We have an extensive track record of providing high quality employee wellness program services to diverse employee populations of all sizes. Our approach is consultative, hands-on, evidence-based and tailored to the culture of each workforce we touch. Our team will support your business to motivate employees to engage in healthier lifestyles and empowers them to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Employee Wellness Services

Health Screenings & Services

The health screenings offered by Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies help employees understand their personal health and are performed by certified health educators and nurses. The screenings also provide education on prevention of common illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. All participating employees are counseled with regard to their confidential results and offered coaching on improving or maintaining their screening results. Some of our most popular screenings and services include:

  • “Numbers that Count” biometric screenings that include blood pressure, cholesterol (including LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides), glucose, and body composition.
  • Bone Density Scan
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Blood Test Screenings
  • Health Fair Screenings and Services
  • Grip Strength and Flexibility
  • Facial Skin Analysis
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Seated Message Therapy

Corporate Fitness Classes

The corporate fitness classes are a great way to encourage employees to be more active during their day. The classes promote overall wellness and help to improve work place morale. Our classes include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Zumba Classes
  • Walking Clubs
  • Boot Camp
  • Cardio-Intervals
  • Kick-Boxing
  • Pilates

Health Risk Assessments

Through our NCQA certified health risk assessment, employees discover their risk for chronic diseases. Based on the aggregate results, our account managers will help your company develop wellness initiatives to help improve employees lives and save you money.

Wellness Coaching

The wellness coaching provided by Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies offers employees a way to improve their health with private and confidential health coaching with nutritionists, smoking cessation counselors, personal trainers, and nurses. Our popular wellness coaching programs include:

  • Weight Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • Fitness Counseling

Wellness Seminars and Workshops

Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies offers a variety of health and wellness seminars and workshops designed to promote healthy behavior in employees. We help you pick a program that fits the needs of your organization and provide trained health experts and materials to help engage your employees.

  • Healthy Food Demonstrations
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • 8 Week Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Lunch and Learn Seminars with Health Experts
  • Weekly Health Tip Email
  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • “Ask the Experts” Health Consultations

Wellness Partnering Strategies

Our strategies for a successful wellness program include partnering with businesses to:

  • Co-design a program unique to the organizations needs
  • Help identify health risks and identify interventions and opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a strategic wellness plan that includes participation and outcome metrics
  • Provide trend and demographic analysis as well as outcome analysis

Want to Improve Employee Health?

Request a free onsite consultation online or by calling 800-777-8138 to learn how partnering with Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies can benefit employee health while improving your bottom line.

Employee Wellness Programs

Want to Improve Employee Health?

Request a free onsite consultation to learn how partnering with Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies can benefit your employees while improving your bottom line.

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