Patient Admissions

Typically, a person is referred to Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation by a hospital or other health care facility. The discharge planner, case manager, therapist and/or doctor have determined the need for acute rehabilitation care. There must be signs of progress in therapy and you must be capable of taking an active part in our program. We recommend that tests and procedures be completed prior to admission, so they do not interfere with or delay therapy.

A nurse liaison will complete an onsite or paper review of your medical records. This review ensures you are medically stable and that you can tolerate the level of therapy provided at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation. We will also verify your insurance benefits and obtain authorization as needed. The Admissions office will coordinate your transfer with the facility discharge planner. If you are coming to us from home or out of town, call our admission office and we will coordinate the process to make your transfer as easy as possible.

Please be prepared to provide the following information upon your arrival for admission to our facility:

  • All Insurance Cards
  • Photo ID
  • Medicare ID Number (if applicable)
  • Medicaid ID Number (if applicable)
  • Advance Directives: Durable Power of Attorney or Living Will (if applicable)

Upon admission, you will be asked to consent to your treatment under the rehabilitation program. The Conditions of Admission form is required to be signed and placed in your medical record to ensure that you or your decision-maker have consented to treatment at this facility.

Additionally, you will be asked if you have completed an "Advance Directive." If you have an advance directive, living will, or an appointed health care agent, please provide our staff with a copy. If you do not have one or are unable to provide a copy, you will be given an opportunity to complete another "Advance Directive" with your Social Worker.

We will also review a disclosure statement that explains how your hospital costs will be covered. If your stay with us requires any out-of pocket expenses we will review these with you.

In the first few days of your stay, each member of the interdisciplinary treatment team will evaluate your medical and therapy needs and collaborate on an initial plan of care. The core treatment team consists of the doctor, rehabilitation nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, social worker and case manager. Others, such as a speech-language pathologist, recreational therapist and/or psychologist will be added to your team if these services are needed.

During your stay, a case manager will meet with you to discuss your discharge plans, team recommendations for continued therapy services and equipment. In addition, the case manager will assist you with arrangements for follow-up services and discuss community resources that may be appropriate for you. Your social worker, is available to assist you and your family with the emotional adjustment related to your illness or  disability. If necessary, a family conference will be scheduled to discuss your treatment and/or discharge plan.

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