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Inpatient Therapy Gym Etiquette

The only time visitors should be in the gym is for scheduled training sessions. To ensure your safety and the privacy and comfort of other patients using the gym, please review the following rules of etiquette and share them with your family and visitors:

  1. Before entering the gym, they should ask the therapist if they can observe the session.
  2. Only one family member/caregiver is allowed in the gym for a scheduled training session. If a situation requires for more than one, please consult with the therapists to ensure a safe and quick environment for training.
  3. If they have questions during session, encourage them to ask questions.
  4. They should watch and learn how they can help.
  5. When a therapist instructs a patient to rest, family should encourage rest. Patients need rest and will perform better throughout the therapy session.
  6. They must follow any isolation/contact precautions that the therapist has instructed. Avoid physical contact with other patients.
  7. Handwashing prior to entering the inpatient therapy gym is required.
  8. Be mindful of other patients. Visitors should think of how they would want you to be treated during a therapy session. Remind visitors to refrain from talking about, asking about, taking pictures of, or staring at other patients. Remember that nurses and therapists are unable to share information about other patients due to patient confidentiality.
  9. Visitors should not sit on or use any rolling stools, mats, bathroom, or any other equipment. They should take an available seat and remain seated unless a therapist directs them otherwise.
  10. Other patients should not be offered water, food, or drinks by your visitors. Not all patients are able to drink fluids safely and some patients have special diet and/or swallowing needs.
  11. For infection control precautions, your visitors should only touch you or push your wheelchair.
  12. Please remind visitors to refrain from using a loud voice in the gym. Keeping the noise level down will allow all patients to hear during their sessions.
  13. Cell phones should be turned off while in the gym and waiting areas. Cell phones are distracting to both patients and therapists.
  14. No children under the age of 16 are allowed unless they are going to assist with caregiving.
  15. No food or drink is allowed in the therapy gym.

Thank you for adhering to our rules and keeping the gym a safe place for you, your family members, friends, caregivers, and other patients.


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