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Patient Information

Safety Procedures

Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital follows the guidelines established by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to prevent the possible transmission of communicable disease.

These guidelines are known as standard preventions. This means the hospital takes certain precautions when treating all patients to prevent the possible spread of disease. Treating every patient as potentially infected means there is no need to guess who carries a virus and who does not. Therefore, you may see health care workers wearing gloves, goggles and gowns when there is the possibility of contact with blood or body fluids.

Patient Meals

Menus and meals are delivered by hosts/hostesses for all patients receiving solid food. Patients will be provided a menu to fill out or the dietary host/hostess will ask for your selections. To fill out the menu, first circle your selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetarian and meat entrees are available. Then, write your name and room number in the blanks provided, and place the menu on your bedside table. Hosts/hostesses make rounds each morning starting at 8:30 a.m. to pick up the menus.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located on Lower Level 2 near the cafeteria. Vending machines provide 24-hour food service.

Ethics Committee

Patients, families and members of the hospital community are sometimes confronted with difficult ethical decisions regarding medical treatment, particularly concerning life-threatening conditions. In compliance with Maryland law, the Ethics Committee is available to guide patients, families and caregivers in making ethically acceptable decisions. For further information, call the patient representative at 301-891-5476 or Social Work at 301-891-5465.

Hearing Impaired Patients

If your hearing is impaired, ask your nurse for a telephone device for the deaf (TDD). A TDD will be brought to your room. The hospital’s TDD number is 301-891-5081. Interpreter services may be provided under special circumstances.

Mail and Flowers

Volunteers will deliver any mail or flowers addressed to you. They will gladly get stamps for you if you are confined. Mail received after you have left the hospital will be forwarded to your home. If flowers arrive after your discharge, the florist or sender will be notified.


If you would like to buy a newspaper, contact the Patient Experience Office or Volunteer Services and someone will be happy to bring you one.


Notary services can be arranged Monday through Friday through the Patient Experience Office. Please call 301-891-5380.

Nurse Call System

Your room has a nurse call system to ensure your safety and comfort. Your nurse will show you how to use it and the other equipment in your room.

Spiritual Care

The members of the Spiritual Care Services Department are here to offer spiritual support for you and your family. The chaplains will also contact your pastor, priest or rabbi, if you so desire. If you wish to speak with a chaplain, tell your nurse or dial ext. 5265. Regular interfaith services are held in the Stephenson Chapel located on the first floor. Please check with your nurse for the schedule. The chapel also is available for personal meditation.

Long Distance Calls

Long distance calls cannot be billed to your room/account. Long distance calls can be placed by using a calling card or by calling collect with the assistance of the hospital operator. Your family and visitors may use the public phones on each floor. Cell phones are restricted in areas where signs are posted.

Visiting Philosophy

Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital recognizes that visits from family members, close friends and clergy are an important part of your healing process. Our visitation policy provides a safe environment that promotes patients’ physical and emotional well-being, provides adequate patient rest and allows time for medical therapies and nursing care.

Visitors are encouraged to communicate with the patient’s nurse to discuss visiting arrangements. Visitors are asked to respect the nurse’s direction in coordinating visiting times according to each patient’s care needs and the needs of the family. If you need to enter the hospital after 8 p.m., please use the entrance next to the Emergency Department.

Fire and Safety Information

Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital conducts regular fire drills in order to enhance the hospital’s fire preparedness program and meet regulatory agency requirements.

Smoking Policy

Individuals may not smoke within, or on, any area of the Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital building (including, but not limited to, patient rooms, corridors, store rooms, stairways, mechanical rooms, rooftop areas, etc.). This includes patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians, employees and others.

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