Visitor & Guest Services

Friend and family support during your time of need is important. All visitors must wear a visitor badge issued by Security at either the Main Entrance or the Emergency Department Entrance. In most cases, we welcome guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There may be times when certain units must limit visitation to ensure your safety and comfort and that of other patients. Our priority is to provide the best, safest care possible to all patients.

Entry & Exit

You may enter through either the Emergency Department or the Main Entrance at any time. You will receive your visitor badge at the Security Desk upon entering.


To preserve a healing environment and prevent the spread of infections, we may limit visitation in these instances:

  1. When you ask us to restrict visitation, or when your support person makes the request while you are incapacitated. Patients always have the right to refuse visitors. Please let your nurse know if you do not wish to have guests.
  2. When we must maintain a sterile environment during procedures.
  3. When a visitor’s behavior disrupts the patient care unit’s functioning.
  4. When a visitor’s behavior presents a direct risk or threat to you, staff or others in the immediate environment.
  5. When the visitor may put you at risk of infection.
  6. When space is limited.
  7. When you need rest or privacy.
  8. When children are under age 18 and do not have a visiting adult to supervise them.
  9. When a court order limits or restrains a visitor’s contact.
  10. When a patient is in police and/or correctional services custody.
  11. When an infectious disease outbreak requires extraordinary precautions.
  12. When we have serious emergency situations, such as an external or internal disaster.


Parking is available for a fee in the South Garage on Levels 1-3. You may pay the parking fee with a credit card at the pay stations in the garage or with cash at the Gift Shop or Information Desk Level 1. Parking is available for emergency patients in the surface lot near the Emergency Department.

Handicapped parking is available on Level 1 of the garage. There are 12 car-charging stations on campus for electric vehicles.

You can find public transportation options by visiting


We welcome you to take pictures or video of yourself or family members at our hospital. However, we cannot allow pictures or videos of other patients, staff or any medical procedures.

Social Media

White Oak Medical Center shares its enthusiasm for our mission on Facebook and other social media platforms. We invite you to follow us online, and we welcome dialogue with our community. We strongly recommend that you never post personal details about you or your loved one's health on social media. Remember that your comments are available for anyone to see. Our photo and video policies extend to any images you wish to post from our facilities on social media sites.

Set Your Location

Setting your location helps us to show you nearby providers and locations based on your healthcare needs.