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Patient Resources & General Information

The following section provides general information and resources for Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation patients.

Dining Room Services & Food Items

You will be provided with a selective menu to order your meals for the following days. All meals are served restaurant style in our dining room. Meal times are:

Breakfast: 7:30am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm

Feel free to sit anywhere you would like. If you need help getting to the dining room, we will escort you. Assistance is also provided to anyone who has trouble swallowing. Meals will be brought to your room only if medically necessary. This will be determined by your physiatrist.

Our goal is to offer you tasty and nutritious choices on a daily basis. A staff member from nursing or food services will meet with you to get your preferences. If on a particular day there isn't a suitable choice, a sandwich can be provided. We do not offer soda on the menu, however you or someone visiting can utilize the vending machines. Snacks are available for those with diabetes and others upon request. Please contact your nurse who will coordinate your request with food services.

Because of feeding and diet restrictions, be sure to have your family member and friends check with the nurse before bringing food and beverages to you. Food items cannot be left in patient rooms. A staff member will put food in a designated area in the refrigerator. Food must be labeled and dated, if placed in the refrigerator.

If you are staying at Rockville and a visitor wants to join you for a meal, they must notify the receptionist the day before, select their preferences and pay $5.00 per person. At Takoma Park, visitors may purchase a meal in the Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital Cafeteria, which is located on the Lower Level 2 (LL2).


If the team indicates a need for equipment during your stay (i.e., wheelchairs, walkers and quad canes), they are provided to you for temporary use. Please use care when using hospital equipment. If you need any equipment upon discharge, arrangements will be made by your therapist or case manager to help you obtain those items. You are responsible for any hospital equipment on loan to you. You will be billed for any hospital equipment that is not returned or returned in disrepair.

Family Member Accommodations

At times, a family member may need to stay in the area overnight. For a list of local hotels, please visit the Visitor Resources area of our website.

Grateful Patient Program

Our patients often tell us how Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation staff members have changed their lives and that they wish to express appreciation for the care they received. Please note that it is against hospital policy for any of our staff members to accept money or gifts from our patients and their families, and for that reason, we offer the Grateful Patient Program.  This program offers an opportunity for you, your family or friends to make tax-deductible gifts that help Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital maintain outstanding patient services, keep pace with the latest advances in technology and equipment, provide opportunities for staff education and support our mission as a faith based organization.

To make a contribution or to learn more about the Grateful Patient Program, please contact your case manager or nurse or contact the development office directly at 240-864-6018. You can also make a gift online. You can also fill out a Wow Award, available at the nurses' station, if you would like to recognize a team member for exemplary work on the unit or with your care.


If you speak a language other than English, including American Sign Language, we provide an interpreter and/or interpreter phone at no cost. Your case manager will review your preferences with you.

Lost and Found

Any item(s) found in our Rockville location will be turned into the Facilities Management Office. Items found at our Takoma Park location will be turned into the Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital Patient Relations Representative.


Any personal mail, packages or flowers received at the hospital will be delivered unopened to your room. Outgoing mail may be left at the nurses' station or the receptionist desk.

Patients are provided with their own TV and telephone. TVs are to be used at appropriate hours and at an acceptable volume, so as not to disturb other patients.

Television Stations - Rockville Television Stations - Takoma Park
Channel 2 CNN
Channel 3 UniVision - Spanish
Channel 4 NBC
Channel 5 FOX
Channel 6 Bloomberg Business
Channel 7 ABC
Channel 8 Cartoon Network
Channel 9 CBS
Channel 10 TBS
Channel 11 Weather Channel
Channel 12 TNT
Channel 13 Discovery Channel
Channel 14 USA
Channel 15 TLC-The Learning Channel
Channel 16 Family (ABC)
Channel 17 AMC-American Movie Classics
Channel 18 Animal Planet
Channel 2 Education
Channel 4 NBC
Channel 5 FOX
Channel 6 Education
Channel 8 PBS
Channel 11 UPN (channel 20)
Channel 13 PBS
Channel 14 WB (channel 50)
Channel 16 ABC
Channel 18 CBS

Medical Records

Review of Documentation
If you would like to review your medical record during your stay, please inform your nurse and a meeting with your provider of service will be coordinated. You may only review the documentation with the designated provider present.

Release of Information
If you want a copy of your medical record, please complete a release of information authorization form, prior to your discharge. This may be obtain per your request from the front desk staff. There is a per-page fee to copy your medical record and it may take 30-60 days for you to receive your copies. The time frame is extended due to physicians having 30 days to complete inpatient documentation.

Patient Feedback

Satisfaction Surveys
We are committed to providing quality care in an environment that preserves your dignity. Accordingly, we are very interested in how you and your family feel about the services you receive at our hospital. A company called Press Ganey will be mailing a satisfaction survey to your home approximately 2 weeks after you are discharged. The survey provides information that will assist us in making sure that we continue to provide services that meet the needs and expectations of our patients. Your feedback will help us understand how we can continue to improve the caliber of our services. Please complete the survey and return it in the self-addressed stamped envelope as soon as possible.

A company called IT HealthTrack will conduct a follow-up telephone survey three months after discharge to ascertain whether you have maintained the level of functioning achieved during your hospital stay. This call helps us evaluate and improve our programs. We value your comments in our ongoing effort to provide quality care.


We are committed to the health of our patients, their families, and our staff. We are a completely Tobacco Free campus. This means no smoking or other tobacco use is allowed anywhere on our property, including our front entrance and parking lot. We do offer a list of resources such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy and tobacco/smoking cessation counseling. To participate, please call 1-800-542-5096 or tell one of our staff members.

Alcohol & Drugs

The use of alcohol or any drugs not approved by your doctor can seriously impede your recovery process. Drugs and alcohol may not be brought into the hospital and will be confiscated if brought into the facility. Possession of either will result in immediate discharge.


If you or a family member have a complaint or grievance, please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of any staff member. Our policy is to address the complaint or grievance and identify a resolution agreeable to both parties as quickly as possible. If you prefer to speak to a supervisor feel free to ask a staff member for a supervisor. Your communication is important to us and our response to your concern will be non-retaliatory in any respect.

The findings and actions, if appropriate, will be communicated to you by the department director/manager within 48-72 hours. If a resolution is not obtained within the above period, the complaint will be forwarded to the Administrator for final resolution within an additional 3 business days. If you are not satisfied by the findings and action taken by the hospital, the complaint may be reported to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality at 410-402-8000 or you may choose to report your concern to the Joint Commission by phone or email: Call the Joint Commission Hotline: 800-994-6610 or email your concerns to

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Classes & Events

Find health-related activities near you!

  • Jan
    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Our American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR & AED course provides the knowledge and skills that may help save a life.
  • Feb
    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Our American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR & AED course provides the knowledge and skills that may help save a life.
  • Ongoing
    Our amputee support group focuses on the emotions and challenges of living life as an amputee. All levels of amputees, family, and friends are encouraged to attend.