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Your Accommodations

Your accommodations and in-room amenities during your inpatient stay at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation include the following:

Rockville, MD

A unique aspect of our Rockville location is our patient rooms. Although our rooms are semi-private, the beds are toe-to-toe, which means each bed has a window and much more privacy than a typical hospital room. Each bed area is also equipped with:

  • a closet and drawers to store your personal belongings,
  • an individually controlled heating/air conditioning unit, as well as
  • a television and telephone for each individual patient
  • a separate large handicapped accessible bathroom with a sink inside, as well as
  • an additional sink outside of the bathroom.

Takoma Park, MD

Unit 5200 is one of the more recently remodeled units within Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital. Each room is equipped with:

  • a closet and drawers to store your personal belongings,
  • a television and telephone for each individual patient
  • a bathroom, a sink, and
  • an individually controlled heating/air conditioning unit.

Private Rooms & Room Changes

Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation has 27 semi-private rooms and 1 private room at Rockville, and 3 private rooms and 7 semi-private rooms at Takoma Park. Unless it is considered medically necessary, there is an extra charge of $200.00 per day for a private room. Most insurance companies do NOT pay for private rooms. Therefore, the extra cost must be paid by you in advance. If you wish a private room, please let the admissions department know, and we will attempt to accommodate your request. Private room availability is highly dependent on our room availability. Not all requests can be accommodated. On occasion, due to census or for medical reasons, it may be necessary to change you from one room to another. If that becomes necessary, we will inform you as to why the change is being made, and will try to minimize the inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation should a room change become necessary.


Pets are not allowed in patient room areas. Service animals, such as seeing eye dogs, can be utilized as needed but must comply with our policy and procedures. Please advise us if you would like a pet to visit and we can review our policy and procedures with you.

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