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What to Expect from Your Care Team

While you are with us, you should expect high-quality care including:

Hand Hygiene

Our caregivers will frequently wash their hands or use special non-water hand cleansing solutions to prevent the spread of infections.

Management of Medication

Nurses will check and double-check any medications before giving them to you. If you are receiving a new medication, make sure you know its name, why you are taking it, how much you should get and how often you should receive it. Please speak up if you think something is wrong.

Pain Relief

Our caregivers are committed to preventing and managing any pain you may experience. Your doctors or nurses should discuss pain relief options with you, including medications and non-drug remedies.

Our caregivers should respond quickly if you are in pain. Please let them know as soon as possible if you are uncomfortable. It may be harder for them to control your pain once it becomes intolerable.

Everyone handles pain dfferently. Our goal is to help you to reach a level of pain that you can tolerate. Please know that we may not be able to completely take away your pain.

Here are some nondrug techniques you can try to help reduce pain:

  • Breathing — Inhale slowly, and then relax as you exhale.
  • Distraction — Listen to music, watch TV, read or work on a craft.
  • Change positions — Turn in bed. Sit up. Walk. Elevate your legs or arms on a pillow. Let your nurse know if you need assistance.
  • Ice or heat — Ask your nurse whether an ice pack or heating pad is appropriate. Heating pads require an order.
  • Pray or meditate.

Hourly Rounding

Your nurse or nursing assistant will check on you hourly, making sure that you are comfortable and to assist you with any personal hygiene needs.

Value-guided Care

All of our employees have committed to uphold the values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship.

If you ever have concerns that your caregivers are not meeting any of these standards, please tell them or let our administration team know.

Meet Your Care Team

The following caregivers make up your care team at Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center:

Your Nurse

During each shift, one registered nurse (RN) and a patient care technician will be responsible for your care and comfort needs. You, your physician, your nurse and your family will work together as a team toward your recovery. If you have questions or concerns about anything to do with your hospital stay or procedures, please ask your nurse. Your nurse is here to help you.

Skilled nursing clinicians are available to assist your nurse with special needs you may have. These nurse clinicians include intravenous (IV) therapists; specialists who teach colostomy patients about their follow-up care and special techniques for skin; wound management and diabetic education; and clinicians specializing in orthopedic care.

Your Patient Representative

If you have a question or problem that cannot be resolved by your nurse and would like to speak with someone in the hospital's executive office, please contact the Patient Representative at extension 6513. If you prefer, you also may write or personally visit the Patient Representative, who will resolve your concern and keep you informed of all the steps taken.

Your Doctor

In addition to the physician that admitted you to the hospital, other physicians involved in your care at Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center may include radiologists (physicians specializing in x-rays), Emergency Department physicians, hospitalists (physicians who are experts in providing inpatient services), pathologists and any consultants your doctor requests. If a doctor you are not familiar with visits you, please feel free to ask for his or her name and the purpose of the visit. You will receive separate bills from each doctor who sees you or is involved with your care.

Other Employees Who May Come To Your Room

As a patient of Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center, we ask that you assist the practitioners in identifying you. Please show your identification band to your health care provider so that you can be properly identified before receiving any tests, medication or treatment. The following hospital employees may visit your room during your stay. Each authorized hospital employee will be wearing a name badge when on duty.

  • Chaplains - Our Spiritual Care Services staff provides emotional and spiritual support for patients and families.
  • Food Service Staff - Hospitality Associates and Tray Passers deliver your meals and pick up your menu. Each Food Service employee wears burgandy scrubs or a navy or burgandy top with tan pants.
  • Housekeeping - These employees wear blue pants and blue shirts or smocks while providing cleaning services throughout the hospital.
  • Medical Support (Physical Therapist, X-ray Tech, Etc.) - These employees wear a white laboratory coat and casual pants. They may take you to Physical Therapy, Radiology or Cardiology for the tests or therapy your doctor has ordered.
  • Phlebotomists - These technicians will come to your room to draw blood for medical tests ordered by your doctor. They wear casual clothes with a white laboratory coat and carry a tray with tubes and syringes for collecting blood or other specimens.
  • Respiratory Therapists - These employees have special training that helps them administer therapy for respiratory complications and diseases. They wear a white laboratory coat over teal green scrubs.
  • Surgical Transporters - These employees are responsible for moving you from your room to surgery. They wear green scrubs.
  • Unit Coordinators - These employees manage the paperwork flow at the nurses stations, route phone calls, process special orders and in many other ways support the nursing staff on each unit.
  • Clinical Dietitians - These employees will visit you if you are found to be at nutrition risk at the time of admission, are receiving enteral or parenteral nutrition, a physician or nurse consults them to see you, or by your request. They wear a white laboratory coat over business casual clothes.
  • Admitting Registrars - These employees are responsible for obtaining the information needed to get you admitted into the hospital and will work with your insurance company to ensure payment of your hospital bill. These employees will be wearing casual clothes.


Your personal and medical information is confidential. Only those hospital employees who assist in your medical care or process our records and other paperwork have access to your chart. These employees know that it is hospital policy to keep the information in your chart confidential. You have the right to choose not to have your name on the patient list at the information desk or switchboard. Please tell your nurse if this is your wish. You should know, however, that the hospital would be unable to direct calls, mail, visitors or flowers to you if this level of privacy is your choice.

Learn more about your Patient Privacy, Rights & Responsibilities.

Online Bill Pay

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Patient Pre-registration

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Billing Questions?

Have billing questions or in need of further assistance? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions or call 301-315-3660 to be connected with a Patient Service Representative.

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Tobacco Free Campus

Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center became a tobacco free campus on November 15, 2007.