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Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked billing questions may assist in answering questions that you have in regard to your hospital bill:

Why does my account have a balance? Why didn't my insurance pay the balance in full?

We apologize if you have received a bill in error. If you feel this is the case, please contact a Patient Service Representative at 301-315-3660, Option #2 and we will review your account. Many insurance policies require a deductible, co-pay, or coinsurance amount. Sometimes certain charges are not covered under particular policies. This may be the case with your carrier. For certain policies, balance billing is prohibited; we will not bill you for the balance unless called for by your policy and permitted by law. To confirm your responsibility under your policy, if any, you can call your insurance company directly or you are always welcome to contact us directly at 301-315-3660.

Why is my account set up as Self Pay? I have medical insurance.

We apologize that your account has not been registered with your medical insurance carrier. Your account can be updated with your insurance information several ways. The most convenient way is by calling a Patient Service Representative at 301-315-3660 or by mailing a copy of your medical insurance cards to our office: 820 West Diamond Avenue, Suite 500, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, Attn: Patient Financial Services.

What if I cannot pay my balance in full at once? What payment options do you offer?

We understand that medical services can be a costly and often unexpected expense. To assist our patients, Adventist HealthCare offers a payment plan option that can make paying for your medical services a little more manageable allowing you to include your hospital bill in your monthly expenses.

What if I can not afford to pay my hospital bill?

Adventist HealthCare strives to provide healthcare to all - regardless of their ability to pay. If you are unable to pay your account balance please contact a Patient Service Representative at 301-315-3660. We will work diligently to find any and all available funding sources of which you are eligible. If we are not able to find a funding source for you, we have a Financial Assistance Program that you can apply for.

Why do I need to use my account number when I pay my bill?

In order to assure that your payment is applied to the correct patient account, we ask that you include your account number, for the bill you are paying on, to all payments. If you have misplaced your account number or do not have this information, please contact a Patient Services Representative at 301-315-3660, Option #2.

What if my injuries are related to a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), Work or Fall/Fire?

Usually when a visit to the hospital is MVA, Work or Fall/Fire related, the patient does not have Other Payer Liability (OPL) insurance information available at that time. During your registration process, you should've received an OPL Form to complete and send back for processing. Please contact and/or send your OPL insurance (MVA, Workers Compensation or Homeowner's Insurance) or Attorney's information to MAMI, PO Box 42380, Baltimore, MD 21284-2380 or call 888-401-6264.

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