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Smoking Policy

All Adventist HealthCare Facilities Became Tobacco Free on November 15, 2007

Adventist HealthCare, along with other area hospitals implemented a tobacco free campus policy on November 15, 2007. This policy prohibits smoking and the use of any type of tobacco on any Adventist HealthCare campus. The policy applies to all patients, visitors, employees, contract workers, volunteers, and physicians so that we may provide a healing environment. As a health care leader with an obligation to promote a healthy community we believe it is important to model healthy behaviors. We appreciate your cooperation with this county wide initiative.

Tobacco Use Facts

  • Tobacco is responsible for more than 430, 000 deaths in the United States each year; 1 in 5 deaths are related to tobacco; tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death and disease in the United States
  • Cigarette smoke contains arsenic, carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine, butane, ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, and lead
  • Workers exposed to second hand smoke are 34% more likely to get lung cancer
  • Children exposed to second hand smoke have more asthma attacks, bronchitis, pneumonias, allergies, and colds
  • Smoking raises insurance premiums
  • Smoking costs the United States approximately $150 billion per year in healthcare and lost productivity
  • Patients who use tobacco prior to surgery have twice the risk of wound infection
  • A tobacco user’s broken bone will take almost twice as long to heal as someone who does not use tobacco

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Adventist HealthCare implement this policy?

As leaders in healthcare we feel that we have an obligation to promote a healthy community. Tobacco is addictive and is a cause of diseases that kill. Our heritage as a faith-based advocate for healthier living began years ago when our sponsoring organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church took an early stance against tobacco in the 1800's and began smoking cessation programs as early as the 1960's. In this tradition and to further this mission, Adventist HealthCare is committed to providing tobacco free surroundings that are a safe and healthy healing environment for their patients, visitors, employees, and physicians.

Can I use tobacco in my vehicle?

All Adventist HealthCare campuses became tobacco free on November 15, 2007. You may not use tobacco in your vehicle if that vehicle is on an Adventist HealthCare campus.

How can you force people to stop smoking?

It is not our wish to force a tobacco free lifestyle on anyone. However because of the dangers of second hand smoke, we are asking that all patients, visitors, employees, contract workers, volunteers, and physicians comply with this policy while on our campus. If it is your personal choice to use this as opportunity to quit using tobacco, there will be options available to you.

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