Athlete Accelerator Program

Adventist HealthCare’s Athlete Accelerator Program is a new, personalized training service designed for athletes of any age, sport and ability level, who are determined to compete with confidence and reach their peak levels of fitness.

Partner with the Best Trainers

With Adventist HealthCare, athletes gain access to the area’s most qualified team of certified athletic trainers for quality guidance and instruction.

Get a Personalized Performance Plan

During your initial session, we will perform the following steps each crucial to creating an appropriate, personalized performance plan for you:

Needs Analysis to understand your training background, current activities and goals.
Ortho Assessment to identify any movement limitations and existing injuries to avoid any set backs.
Strength & Natural Coordination Tests to gauge physical qualities for accurate performance targeting.
Timeline Discussion to understand your training availability and review the time commitment required to ensure goal achievement.
Custom Tactical Plan created for each and every athlete.
Constant Monitoring & Plan Adaption to ensure you continue to be consistently challenged as you become stronger and grow in your plan.

Become a Better Athlete

Whether it's volleyball, football, tennis or soccer - it’s not about the sport - it’s about optimizing fitness and tapping into one’s fullest potential to become a better athlete. View each profile to identify where you are and understand how the Athlete Accelerator Program can help take you to the next level:

Junior Starter

Youth StarterAs a junior starter you are...

  • Interested in developing fundamental skills and physical fitness.
  • Ready to establish regular practice of healthy routines.
  • Preparing for future advanced training at the high school level.

Injured Athlete

Injured AthleteAs an injured athlete you are...

  • Looking for highly-trained professionals and conditioning experts to guide you through the recovery process.
  • Ready to work on functional strength and full range of motion to compete at your regular level.

Mid-level Competitor

Mid-Level CompetitorAs a mid-Level competitor you may be...

  • In your off-season or not currently in season due to the pandemic but still looking to stay in shape.
  • Exploring the right mix of strength, speed, and agility for focused results.
  • Targeting key performance metrics for continued growth.
  • Working toward specific goals, e.g., college scholarships, Junior Olympics and to be sport-ready when it’s time.

Adult Competitor

Adult CompetitorAs an adult competitor you are...

  • Employed full- or part-time and looking for convenient session times that accommodate your busy days.
  • Motivated to get back into healthy fitness routines to improve core stability, strength and stamina.
  • Working toward a specific goal or upcoming competition that requires a new level of athleticism and conditioning.


Schedule an Assessment Today

Have our certified athletic trainer assess your fitness baseline to get started with your training plan.

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Schedule an Assessment Today

Have our certified athletic trainer assess your fitness baseline to get started with your training plan.

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