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Lymphedema Therapy

For help reducing swelling, turn to the certified lymphedema therapists at Adventist HealthCare. Our expert team will help ease your symptoms, allowing you to move more easily, prevent infection and enhance your quality of life.

Lymphedema Symptoms

You may have lymphedema if you experience:

  • Swelling, especially in your limbs, trunk, abdomen, head or neck
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Skin changes, including redness and feelings of tight, heavy or full skin
  • Reduced mobility, strength or range of motion
  • Recurring cellulitis infections

Lymphedema may develop because of an abnormality you were born with. Or the condition may appear due to cancer treatment, an injury, obesity complications or circulatory problems.

Treating Lymphedema

If your doctor diagnoses you with lymphedema, you’ll find treatment at Adventist HealthCare for any stage of the condition. Certified lymphedema therapists will provide complete decongestive therapy, a two-phase program that combines several techniques to give you well-rounded care.

Phase I: Swelling Reduction

You’ll spend three to eight weeks in treatment, on average, for:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage, or gentle massage that encourages your lymph to drain naturally
  • Elastic compression bandages
  • Exercises that promote lymph node drainage
  • Skin and nail care that helps prevent infection

Phase II: Maintenance

After your swelling goes down as much as possible, maintain your progress by wearing customized compression garments daily. Replace your garments every four to six months to get the most benefit from them.

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To schedule a lymphedema or cancer rehabilitation appointment, please call 866-688-6819.

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