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Cancer Care Team

Your odds of beating cancer improve when you get well-rounded support from a dedicated team of oncology professionals. That’s why Adventist HealthCare provides a multidisciplinary group of compassionate health care experts who combine their knowledge and expertise to help you get better.

Your Cancer Care Specialists

At Adventist HealthCare, cancer specialists meet regularly to develop a customized, comprehensive plan for your treatment. They include:

  • Cancer surgeons – Remove tumors
  • Medical oncologists – Specialize in using chemotherapy and biological therapy to treat cancer
  • Nuclear medicine technologists – Prepare and administer radioactive drugs before you undergo a diagnostic nuclear medicine procedure
  • Oncology nurses – Care for you before, during and after cancer treatment
  • Pathologists – Determine whether a sample of your tissue contains cancer
  • Plastic surgeons – Help restore your physical appearance after cancer treatment
  • Radiation oncologists – Focus on using radiation therapy to treat cancer

Cancer Services Team

Experienced professionals on our cancer services team will guide you and your family on the journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. These nurses, social workers and dieticians partner with you to remove barriers to cancer treatment, so you can focus on getting better.

Turn to your cancer services team for help:

  • Understanding your condition
  • Choosing a course of treatment
  • Communicating with doctors and nurses
  • Applying for financial assistance and understanding insurance benefits
  • Arranging transportation to medical appointments
  • Getting psychological counseling and emotional support
  • Explaining your prognosis to your children and other loved ones
  • Obtaining home medical supplies that make daily life easier
  • Taking advantage of support services and community resources

Nurse Navigators

Nurse Navigators are registered nurses who offer personalized support and guidance as you choose and receive treatment and follow-up care. As experienced oncology nurses, they help patients and their families navigate through complicated medical information and guide the journey towards improved health and wellness.

Oncology Social Workers

Oncology Social Workers are integral to Adventist HealthCare’s commitment to holistic, comprehensive cancer care. They develop a personal road map to help you manage stress, family life and overall personal wellbeing during your treatment journey. They can help with everything from counseling to advanced directives, and can connect patients with our Integrative Medicine program.

Oncology Dieticians

Oncology Dieticians identify easy-to-eat, enjoyable foods to help you stay nourished during and after cancer treatment. They can help manage side effects of treatment to maintain weight and prevent malnutrition. They also oversee our monthly cooking classes and weekly exercise classes, offering cancer patients sound and practical ways to adopt healthy lifestyles.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Have questions about our cancer care services? Not sure where to start? Our Cancer Services Team is here to help. Request a FREE Phone Consultation today!

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Have questions about our cancer care services? Not sure where to start? Our Cancer Navigator is here to help.

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Patient Stories

We’re writing new chapters in the lives of our patients, their families and our community daily. These are their stories:

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