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Expert, Compassionate Care

Access the latest technology and techniques for a well-rounded, personalized treatment plan. You’ll benefit from a full range of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery services. This means you’ll have:

  • Highly qualified interdisciplinary team, including a patient navigator who serves as your personal guide and advocate
  • Educational resources to understand your condition and make choices about your care
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment options, whenever possible, to reduce pain and recovery time
  • Survivorship care plan that helps you stay healthy and live well after treatment

Treating Breast Cancer

You and your care team will work together to create the treatment plan that works for you. You may have:

MammoSite® Quick Radiation Therapy

If you’re diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and get a lumpectomy — surgical removal of a tumor — your doctor may recommend following up with MammoSite. During five to 10 visits, your doctor will use a thin tube called a catheter to temporarily place a radioactive seed in the space where the tumor was. This helps prevent cancer from coming back.

SAVI SCOUT® Surgery Technology

If your treatment plan includes surgery, you may benefit from SAVI SCOUT technology. Your doctor can place the SAVI SCOUT device weeks or months before surgery during an outpatient procedure. This means the day of your surgery is shorter, more comfortable and less stressful. The device helps guide your surgeon to remove cancerous tissue and leave healthy breast tissue alone.

SAVI SCOUT replaces traditional wire localization. Wire localization, an older procedure, is done about one or two hours before surgery to place a thin wire in the breast using local anesthesia and a mammogram or ultrasound.

Integrative Care & Support Services

Find help and encouragement to manage symptoms, boost your wellness and connect with people in your community with similar experiences. Take part in:

  • Cancer classes, events and support groups to help you stay focused on treatment, reduce stress, connect with other patients and learn about the condition
  • Cancer rehabilitation to manage pain or other symptoms after a mastectomy
  • Integrative medicine program, the area’s only physician-led program offering complementary therapies and lifestyle guidance for managing cancer in mind, body and spirit
  • Look Good…Feel Better®, a program where cosmetologists and beauticians help you enhance your self-image
  • Lymphedema therapy, which reduces swelling that can happen after breast surgery

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