Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Tests

Free Cancer Risk Assessments

Learn your risk for:

Count on the knowledgeable team at Adventist HealthCare for screening and diagnostic exams to find cancer early – when it’s easiest to treat – or give you peace of mind that you are cancer-free.

What Are Cancer Tests?

A screening test looks for early risk factors or signs of cancer before you have symptoms. A diagnostic test finds out if you have a health condition.

What Tests Are Right for Me?

Ask your primary care provider which tests you should have based on your age, family history and other factors.

Types of Screening Tests

In its early stages, cancer doesn’t always have symptoms. A screening is the best way to catch cancer early. Your doctor may recommend tests for:

If your test results show potential signs of a problem, your doctor will contact you and recommend diagnostic tests.

Community Screening Programs

Take part in a walk-in community cancer screening at an Adventist HealthCare location near you. Call 240-826-2273 for more information, including upcoming screening dates.

Free Breast Cancer Screenings

You may qualify for free breast cancer screenings if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You don’t have health insurance or you have limited coverage
  • You live in Maryland
  • You meet federal poverty guidelines

Types of Diagnostic Tests

Based on your screening results, your doctor may recommend additional tests to diagnose or rule out cancer. Those tests vary by condition but could include:

  • Biopsy – Tests a sample of tissue for cancer cells
  • CT scan – Creates 3D images of the inside of your body using X-rays to help your doctor identify cancerous tumors
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – Uses magnets to create images of your soft tissue to help your doctor find cancerous tumors and the location of cancer
  • Mammogram – Produces an X-ray image of your breast to help your doctor locate tumors
  • Lab tests – Check samples of your urine, blood, bone marrow or other substance
  • Radioiodine scan – Gives you a small amount of radioactive iodine that lets a special camera take detailed images of the body
  • Ultrasound – Uses soundwaves to create images of the inside of the body

Genetic Testing for Cancer

You may benefit from genetic testing to learn more about your health and personal risk factors for certain types of cancer. Talk to your doctor if you have a personal or family history of cancer. Based on the results, you may have certain screening tests earlier or more often, or you may consider preventive treatment to reduce your risk of cancer.

Testing for Breast Cancer

If you have a family history of breast cancer, genetic testing at Adventist HealthCare can help you find out whether you carry a certain gene (BRCA1, BRCA2 or PALB2) that increases your risk. If results are positive, your doctor may recommend you get mammograms more often or consider preventive treatments, such as a mastectomy.

Test Results

Ask your doctor when and how to expect your test results, and rely on our team to help you understand them. If you’re diagnosed with cancer, depend on Adventist HealthCare for comprehensive care. You’ll get advanced treatments from experienced, compassionate specialists.

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