Integrative Medicine Program

Find physical, emotional and spiritual healing with integrative medicine from Adventist HealthCare, located conveniently close to your home in Maryland or Washington, D.C.

What’s Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine offers complementary, evidence-based services that can help boost your quality of life during or after you receive cancer treatments. Adding integrative medicine can help you:

  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Reduce side effects of treatment
  • Strengthen your immune system to help your body fight cancer and lower the risk of it coming back
  • Take an active role in your health

Your First Consultation

Meet with an oncologist (cancer doctor) who’s board-certified in integrative medicine at Shady Grove Adventist Aquilino Cancer Center. Talk to your doctor about your:

  • Diet and nutritional needs
  • History of cancer and cancer treatments
  • Physical activity level and exercise abilities
  • Sleeping habits
  • Spiritual concerns
  • Stress level and coping skills

Your Personalized Program

You’ll appreciate an approach that addresses your needs as a whole person. Your doctor will create a well-rounded program that supports other parts of your cancer care plan. Access services such as:

  • Dietary guidance – Plan what to eat to recover faster and consider nutritional supplements
  • Exercise advice – Find ways to increase your energy level
  • Individualized stress management plan – Learn stress reduction techniques
  • Lifestyle review – Explore changes to your daily habits to support healing and health
  • Meditation – Learn relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and ease pain
  • Spiritual care – Get spiritual and emotional support

You plan also may include meditation, fitness or yoga classes at Adventist HealthCare.

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