Cancer Rehabilitation

Improve your health and wellbeing when you take part in cancer rehabilitation at Adventist HealthCare.

What’s Cancer Rehab?

Cancer rehabilitation is a personalized program that addresses the effects of cancer and its treatments. Your doctor may recommend cancer rehab before, during and/or after treatment for cancer.

Benefits of Cancer Rehab

Follow your cancer rehab program to:

  • Do your daily activities more easily
  • Improve your mood
  • Increase energy levels, endurance and strength
  • Lessen treatment side effects, such as tiredness, pain and swelling
  • Recover more quickly
  • Sleep better

Cancer Rehab Therapies

During your first appointment, you’ll meet one-on-one with an Adventist HealthCare provider who will get to know you and your goals. Your program will include a nutrition and exercise plan, as well as rehabilitation services such as:

  • Endurance training
  • Energy conservation
  • Lymphedema therapy
  • Manual therapy, which uses hands-on techniques to relieve pain and improve function
  • Swallowing therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Training to use equipment that makes daily tasks easier

Multidisciplinary Team

Partner with a team of specialists who work together to help you get the most out of rehabilitation. You may work with:

  • Occupational therapists – Help you relearn skills or learn a new way to do daily activities to increase your independence
  • Physical therapists – Provide therapy to make moving easier, lessen pain and build strength, flexibility and coordination
  • Speech and language therapists – Teach exercises to improve communication skills and ability to swallow
  • Recreation therapists – Give you support and care to do hobbies and community activities

Advanced Facilities

Depending on your plan, you may have rehabilitation at the Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital, Shady Grove Adventist Aquilino Cancer Center or White Oak Cancer Center. These facilities are located on the same campus and offer specialized equipment in a supportive environment where you can focus on your fitness.

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