Give yourself the best chances for beating cancer. Turn to Adventist HealthCare for a full range of advanced treatment options.

Types of Treatments

Your expert care team will create a care plan that’s personalized to you and makes use of the latest technologies. You may receive a combination of:

  • Chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy – Uses drugs given by mouth, injection or infusion to destroy cancer cells or help your immune system fight cancer
  • Hormone therapy – Slows or stops cancer growth with medications that add, block or remove hormones in the body
  • Radiation therapy and/or radiosurgery – Shrinks tumors and kills cancer using high-energy radiation, minimizing harm to healthy surrounding tissue
  • Surgery – Removes tumors and/or repairs a body part during a surgical procedure

Cancers We Treat

Adventist HealthCare offers care for all forms of cancer, including specialized care for:

Clinical Trials for Cancer

Consider taking part in a clinical trial, which tests new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Support & Wellness Services

Enhance your wellbeing and quality of life with services designed for patients, survivors and loved ones. Cancer rehabilitation can help you get back to your daily activities and address issues like pain, loss of function and other symptoms.

Set Your Location

Setting your location helps us to show you nearby providers and locations based on your healthcare needs.