Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy

Depend on Adventist HealthCare for skilled care before, during and after chemotherapy and immunotherapy. These advanced treatments can help your body fight cancer.

What’s Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy, or chemo, is a medication that targets cancer cells. You may receive this drug:

  • Intravenously (IV), or through a vein, during infusion therapy
  • Through an injection
  • By swallowing a pill

Chemotherapy-Certified Staff

Rely on certified nurses who have special training to give you the safest, most effective dose. Your care team will help you manage the side effects of chemo, which are usually temporary (short-term).

How Often Will I Get Chemo?

You may have treatments once a week or monthly. Ask your care team for your treatment schedule.

What’s Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also known as biological therapy or biotherapy, uses your body’s own immune system to help fight cancer. It’s usually given intravenously during infusion therapy.

Types of Immunotherapy

Depending on your condition, you may have:

  • Cancer vaccines – Prevent and treat cancer
  • Colony-stimulating factors – Encourage your body to make blood cells to boost your immune system
  • Interferons or interleukins – Improve how your immune system responds to some cancers
  • Monoclonal antibodies, or targeted therapy – Gives you lab-grown antibodies that kill cancer or stop its growth
  • Nonspecific immunotherapies – Boost your immune system so it makes more antibodies to fight cancer and infections

Side Effects of Immunotherapy

You may have flu-like symptoms, including fever, chills or feeling tired. Ask your nurse for help relieving these side effects, which go away after treatment ends.

Infusion Therapy Amenities

If you have chemo, immunotherapy or other type of outpatient transfusion at Adventist HealthCare, your treatment will take place in a quiet, healing space. You’ll appreciate:

  • Access to a private room with a bed
  • Comfortable reclining chairs
  • Education materials and books
  • Free parking for patients receiving infusion therapy
  • Individual flat-screen televisions with cable TV channels
  • Lunch and snacks

Comprehensive Care Plan

Your care plan may include other cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy or surgery, in addition to chemo and immunotherapy.

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