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What’s an Endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats conditions that affect the endocrine system – the organs and glands that make hormones.

What’s the Endocrine System?

Your endocrine system includes:

  • Adrenal glands – Glands on top of each kidney that make hormones that affect metabolism (how your body uses food as energy), the body’s response to stress, the immune system and sexual development
  • Hypothalamus – Part of the brain that controls the release of hormones
  • Pancreas – Organ that makes insulin, a hormone your body needs for healthy blood sugar
  • Pineal gland – Gland in the brain that makes melatonin, a sleep-related hormone
  • Pituitary gland – Gland in the brain that produces hormones that affect multiple functions in the body
  • Reproductive organs (ovaries in women and testes in men) – Parts of the body that produce sex hormones
  • Thyroid gland and parathyroids – Glands in the neck that make hormones to control the level of calcium in the blood and how your body uses food to make energy

Do I Need a Specialist?

If you have symptoms of an endocrine condition, your primary care provider may refer you to an endocrinologist at Adventist HealthCare. Your endocrinologist may do certain diagnostic tests, such as a blood test, ultrasound scan or biopsy.

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