MitraClip Mitral Valve Repair

If you have mitral valve regurgitation, you may benefit from mitral valve repair at Adventist HealthCare. This procedure, which uses a medical device called MitraClip, can quickly treat your symptoms without the need for open heart surgery.

What’s Mitral Valve Regurgitation?

The mitral valve helps blood flow through the heart. Mitral valve regurgitation happens when the mitral valve does not close fully and leaks blood back into the heart. This can increase your risk of heart failure and cause symptoms that make it hard to enjoy daily activities.

Top Hospital for MitraClip in MD

You’ll receive excellent care from the experienced surgeons and interventional cardiologists at Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital – the first team to bring this treatment to Montgomery County. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, you’ll have a faster recovery, immediate relief of symptoms, better quality of life and less risk of heart failure.

Is MitraClip Right for Me?

Your doctor may recommend MitraClip if:

  • Open heart surgery isn’t right for you because of your age, health or other factors
  • You have severe mitral valve regurgitation symptoms, such as shortness of breath, tiredness, fainting or inability to exercise

What to Expect

Your interventional cardiologist will make a small incision in the groin. Then, your doctor will use a long, thin and flexible tube called a catheter to guide the MitraClip device through an artery to your heart. Your doctor will use the clip to stop the leak and let the heart pump blood normally.

Expect to go home from the hospital two to three days after the procedure.

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