Heart Tumor Surgery

Rely on the experienced surgeons at Adventist HealthCare to treat heart tumors.

What’s a Heart Tumor?

A cardiac, or heart, tumor happens when abnormal cells grow in the heart or the thin membrane (pericardium) that surrounds the heart. Most heart tumors are benign, or noncancerous, but some are malignant, or cancerous. Sometimes, cancer from a different part of the body may spread to the heart.

Symptoms of a Heart Tumor

Sometimes, benign cardiac tumors are small and don’t cause symptoms. But if you have an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia), or sudden heart failure, your doctor may do certain diagnostic tests, such as an X-ray. Your doctor will check for:

  • Blockage of blood flow
  • Changes in the shape of your heart
  • Enlargement of the heart


Work with your doctor to decide which treatment is best for you. If the tumor is benign and you don’t have symptoms, your doctor may recommend close monitoring to watch the tumor and see if it changes. But you may need surgery to prevent the tumor from growing, blocking blood flow, or causing changes in your heart’s rhythm.

Heart Tumor Surgery

Depend on our doctors to remove the tumor and protect the health of your heart during surgery. If possible, your surgeon will use minimally invasive techniques.

After Surgery

Following your procedure, rely on our compassionate team to help you heal. Your care plan may include cardiac rehabilitation, a program that helps strengthen your heart and improve your quality of life.

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