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Safety & Safety

Rely on Adventist HealthCare to take infant safety and security as seriously as you do. We employ multiple advanced safety measures for as long as your baby is with us.

We work to make sure your infant is never left alone and always gets needed attention and care.

Secured Hospital Units

We secure every door leading into the Birth Suite, Mother-Baby Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatrics. An alarm sounds if a door is opened by anyone other than an Adventist HealthCare staff member with an authorized identification card or if your baby is moved to an unauthorized location.

Matching Mother-Baby Identification Bands

Immediately after birth, your baby gets identification bands placed on each ankle. These bands include information such as your name, hospital number, and the date and time of birth.

You and a person you choose get matching bands to wear the entire time you and your baby remain in the hospital. Bands are checked when your baby is separated from you and rechecked when returned to your care.

To ensure security, individuals without this identification band—which is not exchangeable—are not allowed inside the nursery to visit your baby.

Electronic Infant Protection System

In addition to identification bands, we also secure your baby’s safety with a sophisticated electronic infant protection system called Hugs and Kisses. Your baby will wear a soft, tamper-proof Hugs tag around his or her ankle that matches a small Kisses tag we give to you.

You and your baby’s tags are synced at birth in the delivery room. If a tag detects tampering or that your baby has moved to an unauthorized location, the Hugs and Kisses system activates security cameras and locks down all elevators and exit doors until your infant is returned to you.

Free Birth Consultations

Discuss your birth plan, upcoming delivery and hospital stay one-on-one with a compassionate Shady Grove Medical Center birth advisor.

Maternity Pre-Registration

Avoid extra paperwork when you arrive at your Adventist HealthCare birth center. Pre-register for your hospital stay.

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We’re writing new chapters in the lives of our patients, their families and our community daily. These are their stories:

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