Physical Exams

Make sure your employees are safe and healthy for work with physical examinations from Adventist HealthCare.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Check that new hires can meet job requirements. Turn to us for:

  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employment history review
  • Health history review
  • Immunizations
  • Physical examinations to test reflexes, flexibility, heart health, hearing and eyesight

You can also depend on our knowledgeable team for industry-specific tests. Check for:

  • Ability to work while wearing protective equipment
  • Ability to do functional tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling
  • Stamina during physical activity

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

Get a physical exam to meet federal regulations for a commercial driver’s license. Trust our staff for high-quality care and reporting because they’re certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA).

If you’re being tested, you may need to bring:

  • A list of medications you take
  • Your health history and any recent medical test results
  • Any vision aids you use, such as glasses or contacts
  • Any hearing aids you use

Return-To-Work Exams

Help injured employees get back to work quickly and safely. Adventist HealthCare’s workers’ compensation services include injury treatment and consultations with primary care doctors or specialists.

Childcare Staff Health Assessment

Make sure childcare providers are able to safely provide care. Assessments include a physical examination and screening for contagious diseases.

Confidential Follow-Up

If you have an examination, your results will be kept confidential and only shared with your permission. If you’re an employer and your potential or current staff member has abnormal results after a screening, count on our professionals to follow up with you to decide the best options moving forward.

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