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Joint Replacement Care Team

You are the most important part of your joint replacement care team but you are not alone. Your Joint Replacement Center multidisciplinary care team includes:


Trained in special surgical procedures; responsible for your care during surgery.

Physician Assistants (PA)

Certified physician/surgeon assistants who provide care throughout surgery and during the 3 days after surgery.

Charge Nurse

Manages clinical matters and coordinates the Joint Replacement team in the care of all our patients.

Bedside Nurse

Licensed professional with special training and clinical skills in the primary care of joint replacement and orthopedic patients; takes full responsibility in your care.

Patient Care Technician

Assists the nurse in your care.

Physical Therapist

Works with you twice daily to improve strength, restore function and regain mobility after total joint replacement.

Occupational Therapist

Works with you daily to regain independence in the activities of daily living.

Orthopedic Clinical Nurse Specialist/Orthopedic Coordinator

Advanced practice nurse who is responsible for the coordination of care and education of the staff, you and your family with the goal of restoring function, mobility, self care and independence.

Laboratory Technician

Performs blood draws, runs blood tests (results of which are relayed to your surgeon) and prepares blood for transfusion.


Assesses your nutritional status; makes recommendation and advice on special dietary needs while you are in the hospital and assists you and your family in meeting your dietary needs at home.

Social Worker/Case Manager

Directs the care as you progress toward discharge and prepares you to return home or transfer to an extended care facility.

Pastoral Services (Chaplain)

Provides spiritual care to you and your family through counseling and prayer, comfort and support.

Nursing Director

Professional nurse with advanced education in the management of an inpatient unit. He/she is responsible for the daily operations and other matters related to your comprehensive care team, you and your family.

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