Knee Replacement

Find relief from knee pain with joint replacement options from Adventist HealthCare.

Types of Procedures

Knee replacement is also called knee arthroplasty. Depending on your symptoms, condition and other factors, you may have:

  • Bilateral knee replacement – Replaces both knees during one procedure
  • Partial knee replacement – Replaces part of the knee
  • Total knee replacement – Replaces the entire knee

Talk to one of our board-certified surgeons to find out which procedure is right for you. Rely on your care team to help you prepare for surgery and recover afterwards.

How It’s Done

Your surgeon will remove or resurface the damaged part of the knee. He or she will use artificial parts made of metal or plastic to cover the bones that form the knee joint. This restores the function of the knee.

Minimally Invasive Options

Your surgeon may use MAKOplasty® equipment to do your procedure. This advanced imaging and robotic technology makes your treatment more precise and personalized to your needs. You’ll enjoy a faster recovery with less scarring and pain, and your new knee will likely last longer.

Knee Replacement Revision Surgery

You may need a second knee replacement surgery if the replacement wears out or the first surgery doesn’t work well. Trust your revision to an experienced team with the specialized skills it takes to have a successful outcome.

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