Recovery After Joint Replacement

Focus on healing with our support and skilled care in the days, weeks and months after joint replacement at Adventist HealthCare.

After Surgery

After your procedure, you’ll move to a postoperative (post-op) recovery room. Trust our staff to monitor your health with the latest technology.

You’ll get care as an inpatient, which means you’ll stay in the hospital for a few days. We’ll help you feel as comfortable as possible during your stay. Ask your care team when you’ll leave the hospital to go home or move to a care facility.

Rehabilitation Services

You’ll start rehabilitation the day of surgery with help from our expert therapy staff. You’ll do individualized exercises with your therapist to strengthen muscles around the replaced joint and improve your range of motion.

Your Care Plan

Depending on the surgery you had, your age, fitness and other factors, your care plan may include:

  • Balance and walking training
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Massage to reduce swelling
  • Muscle stretching and gentle movement
  • Ultrasound therapy, which uses sound waves to treat pain and swelling
  • Wound care

When You Leave the Hospital

Continue to do your exercises at home to make progress towards your recovery goals. Get help scheduling follow-up appointments from your social worker.

If you had knee or hip replacement, you’ll most likely receive two weeks of physical therapy at home followed by four to six weeks of outpatient care. Outpatient means you visit the healthcare facility for therapy and go home afterwards.

If you had shoulder or hand surgery, the length of your outpatient rehabilitation depends on your condition. But it usually lasts around four weeks.

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